SP600 Scanning Probe System

Renishaw’s SP600 family of analogue scanning probes offers high-performance inspection, digitising and profile scanning capability for a wide range of CMMs.

There are three, highly versatile, SP600 scanning probe systems.  Each system includes the probe itself, a PC interface card and a stylus module changing rack.

Features and benefits

  • High speed scanning up to 300 mm/s, fast point measurement and high frequency response
  • Low probing forces give maximum application flexibility
  • Extremely robust design will withstand moderate collisions
  • Low cost of ownership with an excellent product life, exceeding 50,000 hours in operation
  • Low mass, high structural stiffness and friction free viscous damping give excellent dynamic performance characteristics

For Use With:

Length: 89 mm
Weight: 172 g
Mounting: Adaptors to suit clutch, shank adaptor or CMM shank
Length: 107.5 mm
Weight: 216 g
Mounting: Renishaw autojoint: PH10M PLUS, PH10MQ PLUS or PH6M
Length: 98 mm
Weight: 299 g
Mounting: Direct in-quill mount to CMM
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