Omni-Tech offers the Renishaw UCC S3

Universal 3-axis scanning and touch-trigger automated head solution.
  • Serving the 3-axis CMM market
  • Suited to large and small CMMs using SP25M or SP600 scanning probes with PH10 PLUS
  • Has integral thermal error compensation (TEC) with support for 16 channels of temperature compensation
  • Must be used in conjunction with a Renishaw SPA3 amplifier
  • Uses an external power supply and manages full control of the PH10 PLUS head, CMM and probe signals and communicates with the CMM’s computer

Available as a CMM retrofit or for purchase with new Coord3 CMMs

Powerful 3-axis CMM controller featuring built-in touch-trigger interface, TP200 interface, SP600 and SP25M interface, PH10 PLUS head controller and temperature compensation.

For Use With:


At only 25 mm in diameter, and with a range of scanning and touch-trigger modules, the SP25M is the world’s most compact and versatile scanning probe system.


The SP25M comprises two sensors in a single housing. Users can switch between a choice of five scanning modules…


Renishaw’s SP600 family of analogue scanning probes offers high-performance inspection, digitising and profile scanning capability for a wide range of CMMs.


There are three, highly versatile, SP600 scanning probe systems.  Each system includes the probe itself, a PC interface card…

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