CMM Upgrades

Upgrade your CMM today with the revolutionary Renishaw Equipment.


Upgrade your CMM today with the revolutionary Renishaw 5-axis and PH10 plus probe systems.


A REVO® system delivers high performance scanning, non-contact inspection and surface finish analysis on a single CMM.


Now, 5-axis motion technology is available for touch trigger applications on CMM structures of all sizes.

CMM Controllers

The heart of any Omni-Tech CMM Retrofit is Renishaw’s range of UCC universal CMM controllers.

Flexible Scanning

Universal 3-axis scanning and touch-trigger automated head solution, Serving the 3-axis CMM market.

Motorized Probes

The range of PH10 PLUS heads increase throughput by giving automated CMMs the added capability of program controlled probe re-orientation.

Touch Trigger

Powerful 3-axis CMM controller featuring built-in standard touch-trigger and TP200 interface.

Manual CMMs

Omni-Tech offers manual CMM upgrade solutions ranging from digital encoders, scale, probing…

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