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All Systems Go! NASA goes UNIVERSAL


NASA recently upgraded its CMM capacity at the Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) by adding a large 15.20.10 COORD3 UNIVERSAL CMM provided by Omni-Tech Calibration Service Inc.   MAF is an 832 acre site owned by NASA in New Orleans and is currently a multi-tenant complex maintained and operated by Jacobs Technology.

The new COORD3 UNIVERSAL CMM was installed by Omni-Tech and replaces an older Fanamation CMM that Omni-Tech has been servicing at the MAF facility for the past 15 years.

The new COORD3 UNIVERSAL CMM will help MAF support its several major projects for the next generation of space transportation vehicles; including NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) heavy-lift rocket.  This is a 321-foot, 5.5 million-pound rocket, managed by Marshall.  As well as the Orion spacecraft, managed by Johnson Space Center.  Michoud’s highly skilled work force is manufacturing and assembling Orion and also will build the critical core stage of the SLS, which is intended to take human explorers farther into our solar system than ever before.


The COORD3 UNIVERSAL CMM will offer NASA an advanced alloy moving structure providing high dynamics and accuracy performances while achieving outstanding thermal stability. UNIVERSAL provides a flexible coordinate measuring platform, which allows use of point-to-point analogue contact scanning and laser scanning sensors.  Due to its structural rigidity, this is an ideal platform for full 5 axis scanning and gear measurement applications.   This advanced structure provided by COORD3 will give NASA the ability to expand its measurement capabilities well into the future and beyond.

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HYUNDAI POWERTECH AMERICA in pursuit of quality perfection has recently added a COORD3 UNIVERSAL 12.15.10 CMM with the latest Renishaw SP25 scanning probe system to solidify its quest to enhance its quality to less than the smallest of errors.  POWERTECH AMERICA located in West Point Georgia is a main auto parts manufacturer for Hyundai Motor Group, specializing automotive transmissions.  With the annual production capacity over 2.8 million cars, the company has a full line of transmission products from compact cars to full-size cars, and has been able to entrench its strong market position as a transmission specialist.

COORD3 partner Omni-Tech Corp has provided and installed the new UNIVERSAL CMM which represents the very best CMM technology available.  With the latest RENISHAW UCC2 controller and SP25 scanning technology, this is an ideal fit for Powertech’s goal to reduce manufacturing to the smallest of errors.   The new UNIVERSAL CMM provides a flexible coordinate measuring platform allowing use of point-to-point, analogue contact scanning and laser scanning sensors. The UNIVERSAL CMMs high structural rigidity makes an ideal platform for full scanning applications required by Powertech.

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SANLUIS Rassini Chooses COORD3

COORD3 partner Omni-Tech Corp. provided and installed a new COORD3 ARES 10.7.5 CMM for Mexico-based SANLUIS Rassini’s newly located automotive product machining facility in Mt. Morris Twp. Michigan.  The new brake manufacturing facility represents a 17.3 million investment to the area, as well as the creation of 55 new jobs in Flint & Genesee.  SANLUIS Rassini is the largest fully integrated supplier of rotor components in North America.

The COORD3 ARES series of small measuring volume bridge DCC air bearing configuration CMM’s offer high performance measuring platforms.  It provides the ultimate in stable metrology performance with integral dovetail Y axis machined directly into the granite plate.  A COORD3 ARES CMM can be equipped with Renishaw touch or scanning probes and are suitable for all applicable manufacturing measuring applications.

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In Late 2013 Omni-Tech Corp. provided and installed an Omni-Tech refurbished 20.12.10 LK G80C Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) at Astro Machine Works Inc. located in Ephrata PA.  Astro Machine Works Inc. is a custom machine builder and a leader in prototype machining and lathe machining with materials such as plastics and titanium.  Astro covers a wide range of industries such as Pharmaceutical, Medical, Aerospace, Food Processing, Government & Telecommunications just to name a few.

The newly upgraded LK CMM was built with Astro Machine Works in mind and is packed with the latest CMM controls by Renishaw the leader in CMM innovation.  This includes the latest PH20 5-axis infinite probing technology and UCC 2 CMM controllers.   The PH20 probing is controlled by Nikon Metrology latest CMM-Manager Software allowing programs to be created directly from 3D CAD models.  CMM-Manager offers a fully integrated measurement system with advanced path planning, powerful alignment tools, and the power of reverse engineering support.

The Renishaw PH20’s unique ‘head touches’ function allows measurement points to be taken by moving only the head rather than the complete CMM structure. The 5-axis motion of the PH20 eliminates time-consuming indexing of the traditional PH10 head. PH20’s infinite positioning capability allows easy access to features at any angle and guarantees optimum feature access minimizing stylus changes. 5-axis simultaneous motion also allows larger parts to be measured on a CMM by reducing the space required around the inspection part for head rotation. The PH20 also automatically aligns itself with the part coordinate system thus avoiding stylus collisions and the requirement to support the part on accurate fixtures.

Omni-Tech is a leading 3rd party CMM service company specializing in the calibration and retrofit of CMMs as well as new equipment sales. Omni-Tech offers a full range of CMM products to its customer base including the complete range of New Coord3 coordinate measuring machines. Omni-Tech maintains ISO 17025 accreditation through A2LA, guaranteeing that our procedures are exceeding today’s industry standards. Omni-Tech is dedicated in helping customers increase the productivity of their CMMs through skillful service and support.

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UTC Aerospace Systems looks for infinite possibilities with COORD3 CMM

COORD3 partner Omni-Tech Corp. was proud to offer UTC Aerospace System the latest in touch probe technology with a COORD3 ARES NT 7.7.5 CMM which is equipped with the innovative Renishaw PH20 5-axis probe system.  Its small frame and light weight make it ideal for the shop floor environment.  Installation was complete by Omni-Tech V.P. Ian Harrison.

UTC Aerospace Systems Engine Component division located in Carroll, IA is one of the world’s largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and defense products. They design, manufacture and service systems and components and provide integrated solutions for commercial, regional, business and military aircraft, helicopters and other platforms.  They are also a major supplier to international space programs.

The ARES NT model has a silicon carbide Z axis column that increases the overall stiffness of the measuring platform and provides an outstanding CMM system for high accuracy metrology applications, thereby utilizing the latest Renishaw 5-axis technologies.  The ARES machines, equipped with the Renishaw PH20 infinite positioning probe head, offers the unique ‘head touches’ measuring function providing a triple increase in CMM measuring productivity.

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