REVO SFP1 Surface Finish Probe

Surface finish measurement has traditionally required the use of the hand held sensors or the part to be moved onto a dedicated measuring machine. The REVO multisensor system changes all this; you can switch between scanning and surface finish measurement as you do with other probe types, and the surface finish analysis becomes part of a single measurement report.
SFP1 is a dedicated lightweight tip-sensing probe for use on REVO systems, capable of surface finish measurement and has a universal body to which different surface finish styli can be fitted

The REVO® SFP1 makes surface finish inspection an integral part of your CMM measurement procedure.

Revo SPF1 Probe

SFP1 system benefits:

Revo SPF1 Specs
  • Automatic changing of the SFP1 probe and stylus holders is possible using the standard MRS rack and RCP ports. This enables surface finish measurement to be fully integrated with the standard CMM inspection program
  • The SFP1 probe takes advantage of the infinite positioning capability of the REVO head
  • Sensor calibration involves measuring the surface finish of the surface finish calibration artefact (SFA) that is mounted on the MRS rack. The calibration software adjusts parameters within the probe in accordance with the calibrated value for the artefact
  • The SFP1 includes a passive C-axis that enables surface finish measurements to be made at all required orientations around a part. The process of changing the C-axis angle is fully automatic, utilizing the B-axis positioning of the REVO head to rotate the SFP1
  • The SFCP (C-axis port) is mounted on the MRS rack and features spring-loaded pins to facilitate rotation of the C-axis using the REVO head’s B axis motion

Probe characteristics

  • SFP1 is a skidded probe type with a 2 μm radius diamond stylus tip. The skid is held against the surface with a controlled force of approximately 0.2 N whilst the stylus tip force is 0.001 N
  • The SFS-1 straight and SFS-2 cranked stylus holders have been designed to facilitate access to a wide range of features
  • The probe size with a straight stylus holder allows measurement within a 10 mm (0.4 in) diameter bore to a depth of 100 mm (4 in)
  • Surface measurement capability: 6.3 μm to 0.05 μm (250 μin to 2 μin) Ra
  • Output: Ra, RMS and raw data are returned from UCCserver to the metrology application client software using the I++ DME protocol. The raw data can subsequently be presented to specialist surface analysis software packages for further detailed reporting
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