Upgrade your CMM today with the revolutionary Renishaw 5-axis and PH10 plus probe systems.

Give your older CMM a new lease of life!

With over 25 years of retrofit experience, Omni-Tech can perform a CMM upgrade from a simple probe sensor to a complete rebuild of any CMM machine.  Retrofitting can include the installation of new software, controls, scale systems, drive upgrades and the latest Renishaw probe sensor systems. These types of equipment installed on existing equipment is a very effective and economical method of gaining today’s required inspection performance for CMMs in the areas of accuracy, application and cycle time.

Omni-Tech has the proven experience to help customers bring new life to their older existing equipment by providing the same Renishaw technology that can be found in today’s new CMM machines at a fraction of the cost!

  • Increased throughput
  • Extend the life of you CMM
  • Greater software functionality and usability
  • Automation and lower operating cost
  • Supported, open CMM controller
  • Future-proof investment
Retrofits for CMM
Renishaw UCC Controllers
One-stop solution – total system supplied and supported by Omni-Tech

Omni-Tech maintains certification through Renishaw as a Retrofit Partner with access to exclusive Renishaw support material and Renishaw product team support.  Omni-Tech retrofits are based on the UCC range of Renishaw universal controllers and servo power amplifiers that provide a cost effective solution to every machine upgrade.  Omni-Tech retrofits provide a configurable package that delivers unrivaled levels of probing flexibility, reliability, support and include an industry preferred A2LA accredited machine calibration.   Renishaw controllers are backed with a 2 year warranty as standard.

controller upgrades
Retrofit Sensor Options

A solution for all brands of CMM

Omni-Tech retrofits offer an unparalleled range of Renishaw sensors, from touch-trigger to the revolutionary REVO® and PH20 5-axis measurement technology. Whatever your measurement needs, Omni-Tech offers a probing solution to suit your measurement needs.

PH20 5-axis Touch Trigger Probe
Use your head! It’s infinitely better

An Omni-Tech PH20 retrofit is another innovative measurement product from Renishaw that transforms co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) performance. For the first time, 5-axis technology is available for touch-trigger applications on all sizes of CMM.

PH20’s unique ‘head touches’ allow measurement points to be taken by moving only the head rather than the CMM structure. Using only the rapid rotary motion of the head, points can be taken faster, and with improved accuracy and repeatability. Furthermore, 5-axis motion eliminates time spent indexing the head. Together these speed increases typically result in a 3-fold improvement in throughput over conventional systems.

PH20 5axis touch trigger probe
Revo 5-axis scanning
A Retrofit revolution

Omni-Tech retrofits offer the award-winning REVO 5-axis measurement system with unprecedented measurement speeds, reduced calibration time, and flexible access to features unmatched by indexing or fixed probing systems.

An Omni-Tech REVO retrofit is packed with innovative technology and allows CMM users to measure feature form while also increasing measurement throughput and reducing operator intervention. With programmable stylus and sensor changing, REVO users can automate even the most complex measurement task.

Furthermore future REVO sensors, the first of which will enable surface finish measurement on a CMM, will allow quality assurance tasks that are currently manually intensive to be integrated into a CNC inspection process for the first time.

revo 5axis scanning
Touch Trigger Probe
Rugged and flexible solutions for discrete point measurement on CMMs

Omni-Techs touch trigger retrofit offers Renishaw’s industry-standard range of touch-trigger sensors and is available for applications where discrete point measurement is all that is required for your measurement needs.

The TP20 probe is available with a range of stylus modules which can be interchanged automatically. Flexible access to components is provides by mounting the probe to an indexing head such as the PH10T or the RTP20.

The TP200 probe provides similar capability but with improved precision and longevity derived from its solid-state strain-gauge sensing technology

The TP7M probe is an electronic probe using strain gauge technology, which gives higher accuracy, eliminates lobing and reseat errors and offers a much longer life than kinematic touch-trigger probes.

The TP6 and TP6A probes have different probe mount options (M8 thread and autojoint respectively). Both probes are kinematic touch-trigger probes and have manually adjustable trigger force for optimum probe performance with different stylus configurations.

Touch Trigger Probe
Certified A2LA Accredited Calibration
Accredited Calibration
Certification to a higher standard!

OMNI-TECH retrofits offer the industry preferred A2LA accredited machine calibrations. OMNI-TECH has held and maintains accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 & ANSI-NCSL Z540-1994 accredited by American Association for Laboratory Accreditation A2LA since 2000.

Accredited Calibration
CMM Software
Advanced Software made Simple!

Omni-Tech retrofits offer metrology software technology that continues to develop at alarming rates with the ability to measure parts with increased accuracy and complexity, especially with the introduction of CAD to the measurement process.  Omni-Tech offers several powerful CMM metrology software packages to fit your measurement needs from simple “plug &play” upgrades to more advanced complete CMM upgrade packages.  Omni-Tech gives the customer the option to choose the software platform that best fits their metrology requirements.

Flexible Scanning
The world’s most compact and versatile scanning probes!

An Omni-Tech Scanning Retrofit offers Renishaw’s unparalleled range of sensors that include contact scanning systems, such as the SP25M scanning probe. Mounted to the industry-standard PH10 indexing head and with automation features such as stylus and sensor changing, these provide powerful capabilities suitable for many measurement applications.

Flexible Scanning
Scales and Encoders
Need higher accuracy and superior reliability?

Omni-Tech retrofits offer solutions to upgrade, replace unreliable, damaged, or obsolete encoder systems for Manual and DCC CMMs. With the latest advancements in digital encoder technology these systems can offer higher accuracy, easier installation and superior reliability.  With scale resolutions available to 1 nm Omni-Tech has the Renishaw optical or magnetic encoder system to fit your accuracy needs.

Omni-Tech responsive service and support
When it absolutely, positively has to be fixed.

CMM repair services has been the main focus of Omni-Tech since 1990 and continues to be our core business.  Omni-Tech retrofits are backed with industry leading responsive service and support.  Omni-Tech offers ongoing support after each CMM upgrade in the areas of preventive maintenance, calibration services, repair service, software training and maintenance contracts.

Software Training
If you don’t understand it you can’t program it!

It is important that following any upgrade your engineers have a good knowledge of the software and machine operation. Full training by our experienced team of applications engineers is included with standard and advanced courses available.

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