The SPA3 is a servo power amplifier with enhancements for higher power and category 2 E-STOP.

  • SPA3 can be used with the current range of Renishaw controllers
  • The high power capability combined with a compact enclosure enables use of the SPA3 across a wide range of machines
  • The SPA3 CMM amplifier has the capability to:
    • power three axes of a CMM
    • accept input signals from air pressure, crash detection and all axis inner and outer travel limit switches
    • accept two uncommitted general purpose input signals and generate one uncommitted general purpose output signal
    • provide a +24 V supply for use by the CMM switches
    • support the MCUlite-2 joystick, and also support the MCU5, MCU5-2, MCU W and MCU W-2
    • provide power output of up to 800 W continuous and 960 W for up to 1 second
    • set the voltage of each axis independently allowing differing motor voltages to be used
    • support dc motors in the range 12 V to 80 V and currents up to 10 A
    • support encoder / tacho or linear encoders (torque mode) for velocity feedback
    • provide category 2 E-STOP

For Use With:

UCC T3-2
Universal 3-axis touch-trigger manual head solution
Universal 3-axis touch-trigger manual head solution
Universal 3-axis scanning and touch-trigger automated head solution
5-axis touch-trigger automated head solution
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