CMM Training

CMM Programming Software Training

Instructor-Led Class room Training Courses

16 to 32 hour events offer a thorough, expert-led examination of CMM software products in a hands-on, professional environment. Your staff will get the attention and guidance they need to build knowledge and strengthen their CMM skills.

On-Site Training

We bring the experts to you with certified CMM instructors to teach how to implement CMM products at your workplace, on your schedule. It’s a great way to interact and respond immediately to your team’s questions and discuss you staffs measurement needs.

Online Instructor-Led Training

Gain an in-depth understanding of your CMM software products with hands-on training in an instructor-led course, without leaving your own workstation. A convenient way to onboard your team, based on their schedule.

Experienced Trainers in CMM

At Omni-Tech we have experience working in most major manufacturing environments ranging from electronic circuit-boards, medical devices, automotive and aerospace industries. We are familiar with the fixturing, setups and programming techniques required for reliable and accurate measurement data.

Our instructors have a combined work experience of over 75 years and are dedicated in helping our customers increase the productivity of their CMMs through skillful programming and support. In addition to classroom settings at our two locations, Indianapolis Indiana and Fenton Michigan, we also offer onsite training and online instruction and support.

Every company has their unique process. What works well for one company might not work as well for another company. We try to provide solutions that will meet your companies’ individual needs.  Some software is better suited for larger organizations with multiple machines and multiple locations that will need to be networked together, while other CMM software solutions are better suited for smaller companies and high throughput.

Whatever your situation, we can offer training that will fit your needs and budget

We currently have classroom training scheduled for:


CMM Manager

TouchDMIS – video coming soon!

We also provide CMM Software training for other software’s not listed, contact us for availability

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