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Relocating your CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) within the same building, shipping around the world, or purchasing a new or used Coordinate Measuring Machine, Omni-Tech can provide expert assistance to ensure that no damage occurs to the CMM and its accuracy during shipment.

Omni-Tech personnel will prepare your CMM machine by dismantling and installing shipping brackets per the manufacturers’ specifications and if shipping bracket are not available Omni-Tech has the experience to build and install shipping brackets that will ensure safe shipment of you CMM machine.

Relocating Your CMM with Omni-Tech
Relocating Your CMM with Omni-Tech

Omni-Tech offers complete worry free turnkey CMM relocation services from crating, rigging, transportation, insurance, installation and the industry standard A2LA ISO 17025 calibration services.  We make sure the job is done right.

Omni-Tech will also provide free consultation services to aid in onsite requirements concerning vibration, compressed air, power requirements and temperature controlled environments.

If you company is considering relocating your existing CMM equipment, purchasing new or used CMM equipment, please contact Omni-Tech for a free competitive quote today.

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