Origin – Making Sense of Measurement

CheckMate is the premiere suite of technology for CAD<>CMM integration that provides manufacturing companies with complete control of their dimensional planning, measuring, analysis and reporting process in one comprehensive package. CheckMate helps manufacturing companies compete more effectively on a global scale on the basis of “right the first time” for tooling, fixtures, gauges, parts and assemblies. With CheckMate you can ensure that you satisfy your customer’s dimensional requirements on time and within budget.

CheckMate Provides:

  • Plan – the ability to plan, specify and communicate the dimensional requirements of the product completely and clearly right from the onset, as well as the ability to re-use these dimensional plans for buy-off with both customers and suppliers
  • Measure – the ability to create, edit and simulate CMM inspection programs directly from the 3D model, as well as the ability to specify unlimited alignment capabilities including sculptured surface datuming
  • Analyze – the ability to perform powerful “what if” analysis to diagnose dimensional problems and predict corrective actions based on “process in control – make it capable”
  • Report – the ability to produce crystal clear pictorial visuals and reports that help eliminate the guess-work and rework for non-conforming parts, tools, fixtures, and gauges

CheckMate Programming:

Utilizing math data from all major CAD Systems, the offline aspect of CheckMate maximizes CMM throughput and minimizes inspection turnaround by having programs ready to run when the machine is available. Simulation, collision detection/avoidance and probe path optimization ensure programs run as expected.


CheckMate Reporting:

CheckMate pictorial reports offer about the visual representation of measured results that overcome the difficulties associated with interpreting extensive tabular reports. This enables users to not only identify problems quickly, it provides the ability to communicate them in a form easily understood by others. Adaptable to any application, all formats (including whisker diagrams, statistical scatter plots, target plots and geometric labels) can be customized to match your requirements

NEW CheckMate CMM Language Translator:

CheckMate CMM Language Translator is a stand alone Windows software product that can read Native and DMIS CMM Programming languages, convert approximately 80% or better to one of many CMM native and DMIS flavored output programs.


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