Modus CMM Software

Renishaw’s new MODUS™ CMM software application enables it to offer CMM users a complete retrofit upgrade, supplied and supported by Renishaw. With full support for its entire range of sensors, including the award-winning REVO®, MODUS provides a powerful platform for 5-axis measurement.


Powerful Programming

  • CAD-driven offline programming with full simulation and crash detection

One stop shop

  • Part of a complete retrofit solution, supplied and supported by Renishaw

Future proof

  • Full support for Renishaw’s revolutionary REVO® 5-axis measurement technology


  • MODUS™ Highlights

  • Full support for I++ DME compliant metrology controllers, including Renishaw’s UCC range of universal CMM controllers
  • Full compatibility with REVO®
  • CAD-driven offline programming, with support for neutral formats of IGES, STEP, Parasolid® and VDA-FS
  • High quality integration with the CATIA® (v5 and v4), Siemens® NX™ (previously Unigraphics®), Pro/E® and Solidworks® CAD/CAM solutions
  • Full motion simulation and collision detection, including 5-axis moves
  • Native DMIS support
  • Certified mathematical algorithms
  • Powerful text and graphical reporting
  • Flexible output of results data including certified Q-DAS

Taliored to suit you:

MODUS features a user-configurable Windows® interface that comprises multiple activity-based work-spaces, each in its own separate window. This provides tremendous flexibility in the layout and of the software, including the option to use two screens simultaneously.


Rapid Program excution:

Renishaw’s engineers have optimised all aspects of the software for rapid execution, including re-drawing and refreshing graphics, execution of DMIS commands, data analysis and real-time reporting, resulting in reduced inspection times.


CAD Features:

  • Fast loading of CAD data – using HOOPS® streaming technology (also used in CATIA®) so that the model loads in the background whilst you get on with programming.
  • Multiple CAD files – enables support for complex component assemblies or combinations of work-piece and fixtures for full simulation.
  • Product manufacturing information may be utilised from CATIA v5, Pro/E and NX models, enabling the use of embedded dimensional and tolerancing information.

Supported formats:

Original files – CATIA® v4, CATIA v5, Pro/E®, Siemens® NX™ (previously known as Unigraphics®), Solidworks®, Parasolid®, ACIS®, HOOPS®.

Exchange protocols – IGES, STEP, VDA-FS

Offline Programming Features:

Time spent programming on a CMM is time that the machine is not measuring. MODUS provides a complete offline programming environment in which users can develop and simulate programs before they are ready to run by the time they reach the CMM, dramatically reducing CMM down-time.

  • Instant program generation – measurement points can be imported from a file straight into a part program and then quickly manipulated. Points can be sorted by position, snapped and orientated to the nearest CAD surface, or simply edited using the graphic user interface, reducing programming time and effort significantly.
  • REVO® 5-axis measurement – MODUS provides a range of wizard-driven commands to define unique 5-axis measurements such as ‘helical scans’, ‘scan on curve’ and ‘sweep scan’.
  • Full simulation with collision detection – with knowledge of the part model, fixture and the CMM environment, MODUS can simulate all measurement strategies including 5-axis scans. Tools to search for and repair machine and workpiece collisions are provided, avoiding potential CMM crashes before they can occur.

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