APEXBlade™ for Complex 5-Axis Path Planning

  • Quick and easy programming of sweep scan blocks within part programs
  • Collects significantly more blade data than cross-sectioning (a point cloud for each blade)
  • Opportunity to return as many sections as required
  • Data can be recalled for post production analysis

APEXBlade™ is a package designed to greatly speed up continuous 5-axis scan path production. It works by asking users to import nominal geometry – in this case of aerospace blades – and to select the blade to be measured. It then automatically determines the optimal 5-axis sweep scan path over the blade. The resultant DMIS part program is tailored to be imported into MODUS™, from where it can be executed.

Sweep Scan Preparation

  • Import the CAD file
  • Select the blade of interest
  • The software generates the sweep scans and displays path planning nodes
  • All sweep parameters can be adjusted for complete control
  • Additional transverse scans can be added if required

Path Planning

  • Click to start the planning process
  • decide to save logging info
  • Wait… and watch the output for planning problems
  • Plan transverse scans if required
  • Finish


  • Click it
  • Zoom in
  • Correct any problem areas
  • Re-plan those areas
  • Finish

DMIS Output

  • Save the DMIS file
  • Save the .apx job file (optional)
  • Finish

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