Nikon Metrology CMM-Manager

CMM-Manager is a task-oriented, highly intuitive CMM software package for both manual and CNC CMMs. It is a fully integrated environment featuring walk-in quick-measure, one-click CAD-measure, collision-free CAD-teach, virtual simulation, real-time verification, advanced path planning, CAD alignment, datum alignment and many more smart functions.

CMM-Manager also offers flexible yet easy-to-use functionalities, including graphical probe configuration management, automatic tip calibration, cross section scanning and group feature measurement.

CMM-Manager software can retrofit any manual CMM and is plug-n-play for most DCC CMMs on the market today.

CMM Manager Quick to start, fast results

CMM-Manager Software Features:

Fully integrated measurement system:

Task oriented working environment with intuitive interface design, easy to learn and easy to use

  • Walk-in measurement for quick dimension check
  • One-click automatic CAD-measure
  • Collision-free CAD-teach
  • Virtual simulation and real-time verification

Advanced path planning:

  • Automatic probing angle selection
  • Collision detection and collision avoidance
  • Inspection path optimization

Powerful alignment tools:

Iterative datum alignment to improve the accuracy and repeatability of the alignment results for datum points distributed on prismatic surfaces as well as free-form sculptured surfaces.

  • CAD alignment for free-form surfaces
  • 3-2-1 alignment for prismatic datum features

Reverse engineering support:

  • Actual measured data exported to CAD can be used to take your reverse engineering application to new heights of efficiency and accuracy
  • Exporting actual measured data to an IGES or a DXF file format

System requirements:

  • IBM PC compatibles running Windows 95/98/ME, or Windows NT/2000/XP
CMM Manager Software Features

CMM-Manager Metrology Software Features:

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