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The Industry Standard for Total CMM Support!

Omni-Tech Corporation

Omni-Tech Corporation

“The Industry Standard for Total CMM Support” has been the focus of Omni-Tech Corporation since its inception in 1990.

Since that time, new products, services, and alliances with OEM CMM Manufacturers have solidified Omni-Tech’s role as a third party organization that produces a higher level of overall customer satisfaction.

In 2000, Omni-Tech Corp. was purchased by Mitutoyo America Corp.  This union allowed Omni-Tech personnel to gain extensive knowledge of Mitutoyo current and past product line of CMMs, adding to its extensive knowledge of other CMM manufacturers equipment.

In 2007, Omni-Tech Corp. was again sold and purchased by the original founders from its inception in 1990. With the gained experience from the purchase by Mitutoyo, Omni-Tech will continue to excel in its relationship with customers to provide superior service and product upgrades.

Many Omni-Tech customers continue to maintain a sales relationship with the manufacturers of CMM equipment, a relationship that is enhanced by Omni-Tech services.

Please take time to review this web site, which has been created to inform and educate CMM users of their options for CMM service and upgrades with Omni-Tech Corporation.

Quality Policy Statement:

Omni-Tech is fully committed to the supply of quality service which fully conforms to the needs, expectations and requirements of the customer.

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