Coord3 Launches Shop Floor Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

FiGA – Flexible Intelligent Gauge

Omni-Tech Corp. is proud to offer the COORD3 Flexible Intelligent Gauge

Shop floor metrology requires a CMM designed for worse case conditions in. FiGA is constructed to perform and outlast. Every square inch of FIGA justifies itself its space on the shop floor.

Minimum bulk, maximum protection for use in production environments, full accessibility to the measurement volume due to the cantilever structure. These are some of the features of the Flexible intelligent gauge. Designed for use on the shop floor production environment new FiGA packs in a small space all the required features to get the job done right.


TouchDMIS COORD3 Felxible Intelligent Gauge Figa Shop Floor CMM

Knowledge is power, time is money. Fixed gages lack flexibility and cannot be deployed in a timely fashion. Make your CMM earn its keep and drive continuous process feedback. Quality is built, not inspected.

The mobile controller table allow the comfortable deployment of the CMM. The operator can position the display screen in the most useful location and change it when necessary, taking advantage of the accessibility of the volume of work.



TouchDMIS is the new metrology software standard with a user interface developed with Touch technology providing a simple and intuitive user experience. This improves the productivity of the CMM.


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FIGA represents a return to the roots of COORD3. 40 years ago COORD3 first offered cantilever style CMMs that were mass deployed in Torino and then globally. These robust machines were essential to the mold and die manufacturing industry. This fusion of proven design philosophy, 40 years of metrology experience and the latest technology result in an unparalleled measurement solution.

One FiGA allows use as a global measuring machine in the workshop environment making it simple and robust as a gauge keeping metrological performance, means to conceive with suitable characteristics: robust and protected from contaminants, minimally sensitive to thermal changes or humidity and, of course, precise.


FiGA is available with the industry standard Renishaw probing systems including the SP25 scanning probe and infinity indexable 5 axis PH20 probe head. An autochange rack allows quick change between specialized styli configurations for individual task.

FiGA is available as a free standing CMM with its own base or as a table top unit.

Optional temperature compensation and lighting system further enhance the usability of the CMM.

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